Unique Beating Hearts (UBH) is a dynamic non-profit organization founded and led by a dedicated community of individuals who have experienced life with a Total Artificial Heart (TAH). UBH stands as a beacon of hope and support, uniting those who share this unique journey.

UBH Mission

Unique Beating Hearts mission is to compassionately support and empower individuals and their families living with a Total Artificial Heart (TAH) through holistic care, community building, and financial assistance, ensuring they face pre and post-implantation life with resilience, strength, and a sense of enduring companionship.

At Unique Beating Hearts, we are committed to making a positive impact on the lives of heart failure patients by supporting the purpose for keeping all beating hearts, beating.

What is a "Total Artificial Heart"?

When faced with the challenge of multiple failing or diseased heart chambers, an advanced heart failure cardiologist might suggest a revolutionary solution: the implantation of a Total Artificial Heart!

This advanced device, acting as a complete heart replacement, serves as a bridge to transplantation while awaiting a donor heart or, in some cases, as a long-term remedy. Typically, a Total Artificial Heart has an average lifespan of over five years, offering precious time and improved quality of life for patients.

Did you know that over 2,000 patients worldwide have had a Total Artificial Heart implantation?


Discover opportunities to make a positive impact in the heart community while connecting with like-minded individuals.


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