Unique Beating Hearts is a compassionate non-profit organization headquartered in California. They provide group counseling assistance and individual support to individuals who have undergone the surgical implantation of a Total Artificial Heart (TAH), while also recognizing the crucial role of families and caregivers in the recovery process. By fostering a sense of community and offering personalized care, Unique Beating Hearts empowers recipients and their support networks to navigate the challenges of life post-implantation with resilience and strength.


Unique Beating Hearts, believes in a world where every individual belongs to a community and is never alone when it comes to receiving emotional or financial assistance. Fostering and generating an environment filled with a heart full of hope, empathy and concern for anyone in need.


Unique Beating Hearts was founded by the main company that creates, manufactures, and implements the TAH into the market, and the help and initiative of some patients and now testimonies of the TAH procedure. Johnny Lemucchi, Lance White, and Randy Shepherd were all patients and passed the experience of living with an Artificial Hearts for at least 6 months and a year.

After the interventions of the Artificial Heart, these patients create Unique Beating Hearts in 2022. People with artificial hearts and heart disease might be in need and support after the treatment. Not only patients, but also relatives, family and friends who were around them given them support in all moments. Unique Beating Hearts was created to create a community of emotional and financial support for patients and relatives in a health situation.

Some words from one of the head members of Unique Beating Hearts is Johnny, who shared with us some words after the treatment; “The Total Artificial Heart is definitely a lifesaver. I felt 100 percent. I could’ve refereed soccer, I felt so good. If you need it, do it, no hesitation. With hospice, you know the end is coming; with the Total Artificial Heart, you know the future is coming” – Johnny 55, years old

Team members

Johnny Lemucchi

President and Board Member

Lance White

Vice-President And Board Member

Randy Sheperd


Lucía Junco

Volunteer In Marketing 

Sarah Trembley

Secretary and PR