Henri’s Story

My first heart issue came about after I contracted rheumatic fever and a heart murmur at the age of 10. I was treated with intense shots of Penicillin monthly till the age of 18. By the time I was 37 I suffered my first heart attack followed by another at age 39. “My future did not […]

Jordan Merecka’s Story

Jordan was diagnosed with biventricular heart failure caused by multiple congenital heart defects. In Jordan’s case, a Total Artificial Heart wasn’t even something to doubt after he suffered so much. His heart transplant took place in Houston in 2011. During the time that Jordan had the Total Artificial Heart Jordan mentioned to us how it feels […]

Steve William’s Story

Steve was diagnosed with left ventricular hypertrophy, enlargement of the left ventricle wall, and cardiomyopathy, a weakening of the heart muscle. As his conditions worsened, Steve began having trouble breathing. On sales trips, he had to stop to catch his breath while walking from one gate to another at the airport. He gradually gave up […]

Randy Sheperd’s Story

My name is Randy Shepherd, a childhood out with rheumatic fever left me with two artificial heart valves at 17, that led to heart failure in my late 30s and put me on the heart transplant list, after a 4 year wait, when my native heart completely failed, I turned to the total artificial heart […]

Lance White’s Story

Lance E. White he was diagnosed with a heart disease called “Dilated Cardiomyopathy: Virus of the Heart” and got a total artificial heart in 2014.Day-to-day life with TAH was one of routine and grace. My heart was monitored while I participated in activities and enjoyed my family.  Lance received a heart from a donor after […]

Johnny Lemucchi’s Story

Over the past 34 years, Johnny has been working as a collegiate and high school soccer referee for both colleges and high schools. Heart failure nearly forced him to retire from the game because of his condition. It was discovered that Johnny was having a severe heart attack known as a “widow-maker” after an echocardiogram […]