Jordan Merecka’s Story

Jordan was diagnosed with biventricular heart failure caused by multiple congenital heart defects. In Jordan’s case, a Total Artificial Heart wasn’t even something to doubt after he suffered so much.

His heart transplant took place in Houston in 2011. During the time that Jordan had the Total Artificial Heart Jordan mentioned to us how it feels to have an artificial heart and how the daily routine was – “It feels like a blessing. The sound of the metal valves takes a little bit to get used to but it takes even longer to get used to them being gone. It’s pretty easy to get into a routine after 5 months with a total artificial heart. I enjoyed starting my day with breakfast and then moving on to PT which we would usually walk ½ mile. Then lunch and hanging out with the nurses and doctors. Then another ½ mile walk around the unit. And visiting with other patients.”.

Jordan works for a general contractor building high rise apartments during the week and hunts and fishes on the weekends. Jordan also stated, “God makes everything possible. It was a miracle that I got my heart at the right time. The surgical team was flown in from Arizona to assist in the surgery in the middle of the night since I wouldn’t survive until the scheduled time.”