Steve William’s Story

Steve was diagnosed with left ventricular hypertrophy, enlargement of the left ventricle wall, and cardiomyopathy, a weakening of the heart muscle. As his conditions worsened, Steve began having trouble breathing. On sales trips, he had to stop to catch his breath while walking from one gate to another at the airport. He gradually gave up tennis, then surfing, then golf. His lungs were constantly filling with fluid. 

His total artificial heart transplant took place in Los Angeles, California, after nine years after the diagnosis. During Steve’s stay at the TAH, he was able to go walking with the TAH and be with his family. Eventually, he was able to receive a heart transplant after 51 weeks. 

As a result of the transplant, Steve has been able to hike a lot, hiking long distance as over 24 miles, play tennis and surf since then. 

“A few years after I was diagnosed, I eventually went to the hospital several times in one year” said Steve. “Because I couldn’t breathe, I was afraid that if I went to sleep, I wouldn’t wake up.”