UBH walking at the Heart Walk

In an effort to raise awareness and funds for heart disease as well as foster a sense of community, the Unique Beating Heart team eagerly walked the 5 km course.

Tucson, Arizona. We are pleased to announce our participation in the Heart Walk 2023, a support event for cardiovascular health. Organized by the American Heart Association (AHA), this year’s walk took place on April, 2023 at the Reid Park in Tucson Arizona.

It is the mission of Unique Beating Hearts to raise awareness and funds for heart disease while fostering a sense of community among its volunteers. It was an honor to be a part of the Heart Walk that brought together over 4,000 people, including our dedicated volunteer team and their families.

It was an honor for us to share this sponsorship opportunity with SynCardia, the only FDA-approved Total Artificial Heart, whose mission is to give end-stage heart failure patients more time. More time with their families and friends, more time outside the hospital enjoying life and more time to receive a heart transplant.

As we reflect on this year’s successful Heart Walk, we eagerly anticipate our continued involvement in 2024, where we hope to raise heart health awareness even more effectively. The Heart Walk 2023 served as a remarkable platform for us to unite with the community, promote awareness, and support those with heart disease. In order to achieve a world with a healthier heart, we will continue to collaborate with organizations like the American Heart Association.